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From: Fredrik Widlund (no email)
Date: Wed Oct 12 2005 - 05:33:39 EDT

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    We're currently changing the way we're backing up our mail-system.

    The backup user by policy has maximally limited permissions. I.e. has
    read-only rights to the files it backups.

    What i need to do is to make it a part of the vmail group, or change the
    vmail group to another group which includes backup. Next I need to give
    this group read access to the files.

    Here is were I struggle with Postfix. Is this really by design
    impossible? I would argue that this breaks the unix permission model,
    and will force me to give more rights to the backup user, and lower my
    level of security.

    Why do I have to that? Or can I control the umask behaviour?

    Fredrik Widlund

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