Re: Another solution to "lost connection after RCPT"

From: martin f krafft (mass+)
Date: Sun Jan 20 2002 - 11:20:13 EST

also sprach List Account <> [2002.01.20.1609 +0100]:
> We have been having some problems (about 100 messages a day recently,
> 3,000 or so messages a day at the worst) with incoming mail failing
> with "lost connection after RCPT". I searched the list archive (and
> maybe the FAQ, I don't remember) and found some references to possible
> problems with MTU discovery, packet defragmentation and the like.

that could be a problem, but with MTU discovery and fragmentation, you
shouldn't even get to the RCPT part.

> To make a long story short, I found out it was our RBL setup that was
> causing it, two ways. First, we were specifying as one of the
> RBL hosts, and they have stopped responding. Secondly, we specified
> reject_maps_rbl in each of our smtpd_restrictions, so it was getting called
> multiple times.

oh well, i was going to suggest that too ;). it did cost me a lot of
time on my servers, when decided to stop working sometime
back in october or november actually...

glad you solved the problem...

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