Re: AUXPROP SQL options for SQLite Plugin

From: Seth Back (no email)
Date: Thu Jun 09 2005 - 01:29:18 EDT

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    Ken Murchison wrote:
    > Seth Back wrote:
    >> I am not sure which of the options (sql_database, sql_hostnames) to
    >> use to specify where my sqlite database is at. I have tried:
    >> sql_database: /etc/sasl_db
    >> sql_hostnames: (also tried it without this).
    > You shouldn't need sql_hostnames, just the path to the DB in
    > sql_database. What are the permissions on /etc/sasl_db? Does the
    > Postfix uid have r/w permission?

    Thanks for the response. That was the problem. For testing purposes I
    originally gave the database 777 permissions, thinking postfix would be
    able to read it, even though it was owned by root. After getting your
    response, I changed the owner to postfix, and everything worked great.
    I am a little confused by this behavior, as I expected that everyone
    should have had r/w permissions?

    Thanks again for the help-


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