Re: Postfix + SASL2 + MySQL on Debian

From: Andreas Winkelmann (ml at awinkelmann dot de)
Date: Thu Jun 17 2004 - 16:02:03 EDT

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    Am Donnerstag, 17. Juni 2004 21:14 schrieb michael:

    > Not fixed, but we're getting somewhere. It's not fixed, but at least
    > its only using the PLAIN mechanism so it errors out ncie & quick.
    > Here's precisely what I did:
    > Edited /etc/postfix/sasl/smtpd.conf to look like this:
    > pwcheck_method: auxprop
    > mech_list: PLAIN
    > auxprop_plugin: sql
    > sql_verbose: yes
    > sql_engine: mysql
    > sql_hostnames: localhost

    Does mysql listens on a unix-socket or an inet-socket?
    If you choose "localhost" sasl will try a unix-socket. And another thing, does
    Postfix's smtpd runs chroot'ed? Look in, the column should contain
    a "n".

    > sql_user: vmail
    > sql_passwd: <real password>
    > sql_database: hosting
    > sql_select: select clear from users where email = '%u@%r'
    > Copied it to /etc/postfix and /usr/lib/sasl2 just for kicks.
    > Shutdown saslauthd and reload Postfix
    > Tried to send an e-mail which failled with the following message in
    > mail.log:
    > localhost postfix/smtpd[22408]: connect from unknown[<my ip>]
    > localhost postfix/smtpd[22408]: warning: SASL authentication failure:
    > Password verification failed
    > localhost postfix/smtpd[22408]: warning: unknown[<my ip>]: SASL PLAIN
    > authentication failed
    > localhost postfix/smtpd[22408]: lost connection after AUTH from
    > unknown[<my ip>]
    > localhost postfix/smtpd[22408]: disconnect from unknown[<my ip>]
    > *Nothing* showed up in my mysql.log file! Other queries do, but so far
    > SASL hasn't touched it!

    Check your syslog-configuration if some levels are dropped.

    > So SASL is reading the configuration, but the sql plugin doesn't seem to
    > work at all!

    The Installation (Versions, Packages) is ok?


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