Re: Cyrus/Postfix and mailbox names

Subject: Re: Cyrus/Postfix and mailbox names
From: Mike O'Rourke (mjoop at curia dot op dot org)
Date: Sat Apr 05 2003 - 15:08:45 EST

Hello Jim,

Use Cyrus-IMAPd v 2.2a and enable virtual domain support.


>>> Jim Norton <jrn at oregonhanggliding dot com> 04/05/03 09:46pm >>>
Hello all:

Is it possible to allow mailbox sames using Cyrus/Postfix such
that usernames across different virtual hostnames can be the

Such as: jrn at host1 dot com , jrn at host2 dot com and jrn at host3 dot com?

I am setting up a free email service whereby I register a boatload
of domainnames and offer free email accounts via Cyrus. But it
would suck I had to enforce unique mailbox names acrossed 200
domain names.

Any ideas?


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