Re: [aseek-users] Running 2 versions of Aspseek on one box

From: Elsner (no email)
Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 07:31:01 EDT

At 12:22 22.04.2002, you wrote:
>Did you create different s.htm from s-128.cgi and s-125.cgi ?

Yes, I did. There is aspseek/etc/s.htm (for 125) and
aspseek128/etc/s-128.htm to satisfy the need for a corresponding
s.htm file in the program directory.

When compiling Aspseek 1.2.8, the path to the program directory
is burned into to binaries, /usr/local/aspseek128 in my case. A
128 binary like s-128.cgi should therefore reference templates
in /usr/local/aspseek128/etc only, and the searchd from 128 should
use the config file searchd.conf from there, too. The searchd.conf file
in the 128 directory clearly points to db.conf and uses port 12348,
see excerpts from these files below:

DBAddr mysql://<user>:<pw>@localhost/aspseek128/

Include db.conf
#Port 12345
Port 12348
DataDir /data/aspseek128

Question: Did anybody succeed in running two concurrent versions
of Aspseek on the same box?

Regards Frank

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