Re: [aseek-devel] rename the "cache" sql table

From: Danil Pismenny (no email)
Date: Fri Apr 12 2002 - 13:19:13 EDT

Alexander F Avdonkin <> writes:

> Danil Pismenny wrote:
> > There is SQL table which named "cache", but it is reserved in the
> > Interase. Let's rename it?
> If it not possible to use this name somehow (for example surrounded by
> double quotes) then yes.

   It is possible to use it with double quotes, but there is no
   reasone (I think), because all other tables are used directly. In
   any case we need to patch the sources, but if we will use the
   double quotes then somebody can forget it and use this table
   whithout the quotes one day.

   Is the "url_cache" good choice for the new name?

Danil Pismenny

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