3.4. Patching

In the preparation of the port, files that have been added or changed can be picked up with a recursive diff for later feeding to patch. Each set of patches you wish to apply should be collected into a file named patch-* where * denotes the sequence in which the patches will be applied -- these are done in alphabetical order, thus aa first, ab second and so on. If you wish, you can use names that indicate the pathnames of the files that are patched, such as patch-Imakefile or patch-src-config.h. These files should be stored in PATCHDIR, from where they will be automatically applied. All patches should be relative to WRKSRC (generally the directory your port's tarball unpacks itself into, that being where the build is done). To make fixes and upgrades easier, you should avoid having more than one patch fix the same file (e.g., patch-aa and patch-ab both changing WRKSRC/foobar.c).

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