15.15. UIDs

If your port requires a certain user to be on the installed system, let the pkg-install script call pw to create it automatically. Look at net/cvsup-mirror for an example.

If your port must use the same user/group ID number when it is installed as a binary package as when it was compiled, then you must choose a free UID from 50 to 99 and register it below. Look at japanese/Wnn for an example.

Make sure you do not use a UID already used by the system or other ports. This is the current list of UIDs between 50 and 99.

    majordom:*:54:54:Majordomo Pseudo User:/usr/local/majordomo:/nonexistent
    cyrus:*:60:60:the cyrus mail server:/nonexistent:/nonexistent
    gnats:*:61:1:GNATS database owner:/usr/local/share/gnats/gnats-db:/bin/sh
    uucp:*:66:66:UUCP pseudo-user:/var/spool/uucppublic:/usr/libexec/uucp/uucico
    xten:*:67:67:X-10 daemon:/usr/local/xten:/nonexistent
    pop:*:68:6:Post Office Owner (popper):/nonexistent:/nonexistent
    ifmail:*:70:66:Ifmail user:/nonexistent:/nonexistent
    pgsql:*:70:70:PostgreSQL pseudo-user:/usr/local/pgsql:/bin/sh
    ircd:*:72:72:IRCd hybrid:/nonexistent:/nonexistent
    alias:*:81:81:QMail user:/var/qmail/alias:/nonexistent
    qmaill:*:83:81:QMail user:/var/qmail:/nonexistent
    qmaild:*:82:81:QMail user:/var/qmail:/nonexistent
    qmailq:*:85:82:QMail user:/var/qmail:/nonexistent
    qmails:*:87:82:QMail user:/var/qmail:/nonexistent
    qmailp:*:84:81:QMail user:/var/qmail:/nonexistent
    qmailr:*:86:82:QMail user:/var/qmail:/nonexistent
    msql:*:87:87:mSQL-2 pseudo-user:/var/db/msqldb:/bin/sh
    mysql:*:88:88:MySQL Daemon:/var/db/mysql:/sbin/nologin
    vpopmail:*:89:89::0:0:User &:/usr/local/vpopmail:/nonexistent

Please include a notice when you submit a port (or an upgrade) that reserves a new UID or GID in this range. This allows us to keep the list of reserved IDs up to date.

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