Chapter 6 Configuration and Tuning

Table of Contents
6.1 Synopsis
6.2 Initial Configuration
6.3 Core Configuration
6.4 Application Configuration
6.5 Starting Services
6.6 Virtual Hosts
6.7 Configuration Files
6.8 Tuning with sysctl
6.9 Tuning Disks
6.10 Tuning Kernel Limits
Written by Chern Lee. Based on a tutorial written by Mike Smith. Also based on tuning(7) written by Matt Dillon.

6.1 Synopsis

Configuring a system correctly can substantially reduce the amount of work involved in maintaining and upgrading it in the future. This chapter describes some of the aspects of administrative configuration of FreeBSD systems.

This chapter will also describe some of the parameters that can be set to tune a FreeBSD system for optimum performance.

After reading this chapter, you will know:

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